About this blog

Any day is a better day if it involves horses.  If this could be your life motto, this blog is for you.

We share an interest in common. I found myself enamored with horses at an early age and have been fortunate enough to parlay this passion into a full time career.

In this blog, you will read a variety of different types of posts—stories of my own personal experiences with horses, reports from clinics which I have participated in, reflections, observations and insights from my own riding, teaching or training, book reviews and training tips.   I hope to share the ups and the downs which any equestrian experiences, and hope that we can mutually celebrate the highs and carry each other through the lows.

The longer I have been around horses, the more I feel there is to learn about them. Please leave your comments when a post resonates with you, and if you feel so inclined, “follow” this blog!


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