About Me…

About me?  Well, I am a self diagnosed equine addict.  I have been around or on top of horses for a nearly uninterrupted span of over thirty years, when I was first given riding lessons “just for the summer”.   I have enjoyed and experienced many disciplines (hunter/jumper, dressage, graduate HA from the US Pony Clubs), but I usually call myself an eventer.  I have also recently become immersed in the sport of competitive trail riding, which is an incredibly fun new pursuit.

JEF Anna Rose at the King Oak Fall Horse Trials, 2012 (photo credit to DC Designs)

I accidentally became a professional equestrian within one year of graduating college, after valiantly spending four years and countless thousands of dollars studying something completely different (environmental conservation) and insisting without a shadow of a doubt that I would not go into the horse world full time. Oops.

Lee and her friend Lefty at the beach in 2008.

In my equestrian career, I have been a barn manager, an equine sports massage therapist, an equine journalist, a camp counselor, a working student and, of course, a horseback riding instructor.  I currently work as faculty at the University of New Hampshire Equine Program, and I coach their intercollegiate hunt seat team.

UNH IHSA team riders and I at Middlebury College, 2013
UNH IHSA team riders and I at Middlebury College, 2013

But more than anything, I am a lover of the horse and most of what comes with them, and this blog will represent a basic attempt to capture stories, insights, observations and other ideas that come from my myriad of experiences with these great creatures.


4 thoughts on “About Me…”

  1. Good afternoon! I found your blog when doing some research on designing my first freestyle and what a coincidence! The pony love of my life is “Triton’s Electra” or Ellie – a 2008 Skyview’s Triton mare. What a small world. Your ponies are lovely and I will look forward to perusing your blog and following your adventures!

    1. It is a small world! I hope the freestyle articles were helpful. I have done several and have way more fun performing them than a regular dressage test! I just love my Izzy. She is growing quickly.

  2. Oops – doesn’t matter a whit, but I see a typo – Ellie is a 2005 – just turned 12. Love her to bits!

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